Established in 1970, Demirliguc Construction is today one of most experienced constractor companies. The Demirliguc has been working on many construction activities since it established. Specialized in the construction of building, housing project, school, cultural center, holiday site, business center, multi – storey car park, restoration, strengthen and repair.

For more than 40 years, Our Company has operated at the forefront of the real estate service sector in Istanbul Asia side and also has builded 8400 house, home made thousands of families. Also our company has been signed for government and private sector works.

The past, present and future, Demirli Güç Construction create and realize construction projects that will serve humanity by creating happiness environments. We aim to create buildings for people – centered, most comfortable and most beautiful, the most modern, the most aesthetically pleasing homes.

Our company approaches the related requirements of rapidly changing technology and socia-culturel with the most modernist and orginal style, at the same time our company contributes urban transformation with modern building. Our company is branding with experienced technic personnel.

Each undertaking is handled with a seperate thrill and best quality. Demirli Güç Construction realizes projects of universal dimensions and always reaches her targets with the determination to complete every project by delivering products and services on time, within budget and with the specified quality.

Our aim; Demirli Güç Construction has strong financial structure, experience and knowledge. And also the most important perspective is customer and employee satisfaction for us and at the same time to raise living standarts.